Statue of school mascot, a panther

Newbury Park High School

456 Reino Road
Newbury Park, CA 91320

CTE Coordinator: Nick Guerin
[email protected]


CTE Pathways offered at Newbury Park High School

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Students earn a cord for graduation and certificate of completion at Senior Recognition Night, for completion of the following:

  • CTE Pathway or combination of 3 CTE courses from multiple pathways
  • 50+ hours of internship/ volunteer, or 75+ hours of work experience*
  • Resume and/or LinkedIn profile

*Special accolades if the 50+ hours relates directly to the student’s CTE pathway

Students should strive to complete the following*

  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) experiences: job shadowing, field trips, informational interviews*

*May be required in future academic years

Exploratory Pathway

  • 3+ CTE courses from multiple pathways (above)
  • Can also include Biotechnology, Photography 1 & 2; Work Experience if students earn the articulated college credit from Moorpark College Career Education