Statue of the school mascot, a knight riding a horse all in chrome

Thousand Oaks High School

2323 N. Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

CTE Coordinator: Ashley Cooper
[email protected]


CTE Pathways offered at Thousand Oaks High School

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Thousand Oaks Majors Program

Thousand Oaks High School also has a Majors Program. The Majors Program is a way for students to learn about careers in addition to our CTE pathways. To learn more about the Majors Program, please visit the Thousand Oaks High School website.

Contact your school counselor for more information:
  • A — Ch (+EHTOS) - Kelly Ross
  • Ci — I - Robyn Britt
  • J — Men (+EL) - Priscilla Montero
  • Mes — Seg (+AVID) - Darla Scott
  • Sel — Z (+The Center) - Daniel Solis