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Social Entrepreneurship

Conejo Valley High School

Kyle Scalise

21st Century Marketing

Social Entrepreneurship

This Pathway teaches you …

  • How to develop a business plan
  • How to develop an entrepreneur mindset
  • How to establish a legal foundation
  • How to create a business mission and strategy
  • How to generate business ideas
  • About individual and small business startups

Real-world opportunities through this Pathway include …

Participating in real-world business assignments, including development of a business plan and being grouped with small learning communities to network with students, teachers and local businesses.

What our students are saying ...

“It’s fun to have a class where you get to learn by doing the things you are reading about, instead of just hearing about them.”

“I like having a class where the things that we are interested in is the focus of what we get to do.”
Derek Grimes Class Teacher

About the Pathway teacher

Kyle Scalise is a teacher at Conejo Valley High school, who grew up in the Conejo Valley and completed his education within the district. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in anthropology at the school of social and behavioral science at San Francisco State University, and then received a master’s in education at Pepperdine University, while gaining his teaching credential. Kyle worked in small business management for the 10 years prior to teaching, where he managed restaurants and oversaw large community festivals in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.