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Virtual Enterprise

Do you want to own your own business? Is it your dream to be your own boss? Do you have an idea for a product or service that you know will be the next million-dollar sensation? If any of these ideas sound familiar, you should consider joining our ETHOS Entrepreneurship Academy. Our Academy will guide you through an introduction to entrepreneurship, sports and entertainment marketing, and then a chance to design your own student-run business from the ground up in our Virtual Enterprise Class. This is your opportunity to learn real-world skills while in high school so you are equipped to start your business and change the world!

This Pathway teaches you ...

  • Entrepreneurial know-how to take an idea and develop it into a business
  • Group dynamics of accomplishing projects that mimic the real world
  • Marketing skills that are tech-based and leverage the most current platforms to market ideas and businesses
  • Time management, creative freedom, communication skills and leadership to be a successful contributor to a team project
  • To step into a role in your Virtual Enterprise business and sustain effort to complete your responsibilities to ensure your student-developed and student-run business is a success

Real-world opportunities through this Pathway include ...

Students participate in Virtual Enterprise competitions against other schools to promote and market our student-developed businesses. The highs and lows of entrepreneurship are evident and provide our students real-world experiences that equip them to take the steps in their business future. Students have the opportunity to compete in DECA, student business leadership competitions and more.

This Pathway will prepare me for …

The ETHOS Academy will foster our students' entrepreneurial spirit and their creativity by instilling the skills and confidence necessary to follow their passion and chase their dreams with the knowledge they have acquired through their three years in our Pathway. You'll gain lifelong memories and a skillset that can take you anywhere!

What our students are saying ...

“The ETHOS Academy has shown me the challenges and benefits of the business world. It has challenged me in our team environment to meet deadlines and expectations. Personally, I have realized that I can turn a hobby into a career opportunity.”
- Logan S., 12th grade

“ETHOS has helped me find my passion, built my confidence and empowered me to find my individual voice in a male-dominated business field. I have been inspired and opened my eyes to the business industry. This experience has proven that being a female leader is possible and I have the skills to thrive.”
- Savannah H., 12th Grade

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