Machine Tool Technology

Metal Fabrication

Do you like to work with your hands? Are you someone who is creative and likes to fix things? You should consider joining our Manufacturing Pathway at TOHS, where you will learn skills that will prepare you for a future career. Our Metal Shop will open your world to new possibilities and build your confidence while developing your creative talents. Our Metal Fabrication Pathway will open your world to new possibilities where your newly acquired skills can land you a high-paying career.

This Pathway teaches you ...

  • Planning and designing of projects 
  • A variety of manufacturing methods used in industry
  • Skill-based techniques that are marketable for future careers
  • Time management and responsibility in the work place
  • Understanding of various tools and machines

Real-world opportunities through this Pathway include ...

These courses offer the hands-on training with machine toolery to develop an understanding and knowledge of how to operate the machinery safely and accurately.

What our students are saying ...

“Metals has helped me go through life by taking steps one at a time. Take your time and learn each step to be successful. My favorite part was when we learned about the dangers of the welding equipment and the dangers of the job. The pathway has opened my eyes to future career opportunities.”
- Maddux S.

Check out our students’ work!

Derek Grimes Class Teacher
Derek Grimes Class Teacher
Derek Grimes Class Teacher
Derek Grimes Class Teacher

About the Pathway teacher

Mr. Magana attended CSUN and majored in manufacturing engineering. He has been at TOHS for the last 22 years. His favorite part of teaching is interacting with students in the workshop, where he can see student abilities and passions come to life. In his spare time, Mr. Magana likes to spend time with his wonderful family and continue his craft by creating projects in his own metal shop.