Video Production

Newbury Park High School

Derek Grimes

Digital Video Production

Advanced Digital Video Production

Are you interested in the creative side of filmmaking and the technical aspects of production? The Video Production Pathway gives you access to industry equipment and techniques to begin (or continue) your creative journey.

This Pathway teaches you ...

  • Creative and technical aspects of filmmaking and video production 
  • About historical and contemporary trends

Real-world opportunities through this Pathway include ...

  • Access to production studio and industry standard equipment
  • Skills are enhanced through community-based projects and work-based experiences
  • Moorpark College articulation
    • Advanced Digital Video Production
    • Broadcasting 2 - Panther TV
  • Field trip: ABC Studios
  • Guest speakers
  • Freelance projects to build practical and artistic skills

This Pathway will prepare me for …

Students achieving competency in this Pathway will be prepared to enter a film or broadcast journalism course of study at the college level or be prepared for entry level work.

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Derek Grimes Class Teacher

About the Pathway teacher

Derek Grimes is the Video Production and Broadcasting teacher at Newbury Park High School. Mr. Grimes came to NPHS from Nashville, Tennessee, in 2013, where he taught video production and ran a video production company. He brings almost 20 years of industry experience to the classroom, where he draws upon that experience to teach students video production and broadcasting through his various classes.