Digital Media Arts Academy

Westlake High School

Intro to Digital Media

Creative Digital Media

Honors Digital Media

Are you interested in animation, design or bringing a vision to life through a cinematographic lens? More than ever before, arts, media and entertainment are infused in our everyday life. It’s only natural that the major industries that make up the world of entertainment are now accessible at the high school level. Our Pathway is designed to create proficient designers, animators, cinematographers and podcast producers. Students in this Pathway will have exposure to the Adobe Suite, among many other programs and disciplines that will help them find their creative voice and prepare for a career in one of the many fields of entertainment. Students will complete their coursework with a portfolio, reel and/or Adobe certifications.

This Pathway teaches you ...

  • Different software applications and media-based disciplines (print design, motion graphics, photography and cinematography)
  • Skills development in traditional media and new technologies
  • Production, album, reel and portfolio development
  • How to record, compress and edit your voice to sound like professionals

Real-world opportunities through this Pathway include ...

  • Students will create storyboard panels just like the professionals at Pixar 
  • Students will create an entire pitch bible from scratch for a new television show 
  • Students will use Adobe Illustrator to create assets for animation in Adobe After Effects
  • Students will write a podcast, record it, and use both an audio bank and self-produced foley sounds to sell the story in audio format

What our students are saying ...

"The courses offered are quite beneficial and productive. The material taught is not only applicable to other classes on campus but is also useful outside of the walls of the classroom. I personally use almost every program taught in the curriculum almost every day. From advertisement to the film industry, the course goes through all the fundamentals and questions you may have.” - Kyle E., Class of 2016

About the Pathway teacher

Joseph Lang graduated from California Lutheran University has been teaching Digital Media Arts and Computer Graphics courses at Westlake High for over 10 years. He loves the energy of the high school environment and keeps his course content fun for students.