Architectural Design

Thousand Oaks High School

Do you like to draw or design? Do you find yourself doodling or even enjoy looking at buildings or homes? Can you build something out of nothing or think outside the box to solve problems? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Architectural Design Pathway is for you! Our courses will prepare you to design homes and buildings, read blueprints, and even learn to build your one-of -a-kind creations. This is your chance to turn your hobby into a career by taking your skill building to the next level!

This Pathway teaches you ...

  • Architectural design principles
  • History of architecture design, style and related careers
  • Increased awareness of residential and commercial forms
  • Understanding of built environments

Real-world opportunities through this Pathway include ...

Using knowledge gained through personal experience, instruction and research, students will develop a conceptual model for a custom house of their own design.

This Pathway will prepare me for …

  • Work in the architectural and engineering fields
  • Utilization of computer-aided drafting machines to design projects
  • Careers in engineering, architecture and manufacturing
  • Problem-solving, collaborative work environments

What our students are saying ...

“My work with the CAD software has taught me how to work with computers better in a higher-technology environment. I have also learned all about building codes, how homes function and how to make a building feel like a home. I plan to become a civil engineer or an architect, so these skills will help to springboard me into these careers.” - Ezra R., 12th Grade

"One of my career goals is to become an interior designer, so the architectural design course helps me to learn all about home design through the lens of architecture. The skills from this course will transfer to interior design so that I will be one step closer to my future goals. My favorite part about these classes is learning about the effort to build a home from the foundation, the planning and the execution necessary from the team of designers to make an idea a reality. I would like to encourage other girls to take these classes and be empowered with these skills.” - Chiara C., 12th Grade

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